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About us

Explore Haiti is a professional travel service company composed of professionals with 20 years’ experience in the national and international travel and tourism industry, with extensive knowledge in transportation, expeditions, tours and logistics.

Explore Haiti will represent you, and your particular travel objectives in Haiti. We will negotiate on your behalf, leveraging our extensive knowledge of the destination, while keeping your best interest and budget in mind.

Our Mission

Our success rely on a system of values and shared principles, which promotes respect for the visitors and for the destination and its resources. It is a system that values innovation and prioritizes excellence.

Our values

In the highly evolving world of tourism, the experience of the Explore Haiti Team is also its strength. It covers a wide range of services and events, planned and designed specifically for your needs. For any query, a team of skilled professionals is committed to understanding and meeting your needs and cultural preferences.

Explore Haiti is the ideal partner for those eager to live an unforgettable experience in an authentic destination.


We go beyond our obligations to our customers. The sense of initiative is a key value that is constantly pushing the limits of our business. Our main objective will be to organize and innovate new activities and approaches.

Quality - Client Satisfaction

Teamwork is essential. We prioritize openness regarding the expectations and ideas of our customers and our partners. Personal service is our strength, We are professionals always striving for excellence.

We approach challenges with efficiency, professionalism and integrity.

Our main objectives are:

  • Designing programs that correspond to the wishes of the tourists and that will exceed their expectations.
  • Booking of hotel rooms, restaurants, parties, appetizers, entertainment, guides, local transportation etc.
  • The organization, execution and control of benefits under the program.
  • The transmission of practical information concerning the stay but also cultural knowledge about the country, people and the customs.
  • Our team of guides and escorts have been selected for their dynamism, their knowledge, their seriousness and their passion to share their love of the country.

Our motivation:

Haiti is full of diversity. Discover the customs, the culture, the gastronomy, the Voodoo religion, the people and it's history.

Haiti DMC and your Travel Partner